Developer installΒΆ

To install a developer version of jupyterlab-discovery, you will first need to clone the repository:

git clone
cd jupyterlab_discovery

Next, install it with a develop install using pip:

pip install -e .

Enable the server extension with the appropriate flag:

jupyter serverextension enable [--sys-prefix | --user | --system] jupyterlab_discovery

Finally, install the labextension locally:

jupyter labextension install .

This will cause lab to check for changes to jupyterlab-discovery on reload, and will rebuild the extension on lab builds. It will also watch the extension build output if you run the server with the --watch flag (picks up the output from npm run build in the extension directory). However, running the server in watch mode is not generally conductive to testing the operation of jupyterlab-discovery, as it prevents lab from checking for added extensions (at least at the time of writing).